What Laser Machines Are Still Being Used To Remove Excess Fatty Tissue Effectively


Today, there are many laser lipo machines with advanced technologies installed on the market. But interestingly, medical and health specialists still prefer to source old standards of laser machines from ilipo, for example. The retailers and wholesalers, in turn, rely heavily on the original designers and manufacturers to bring practitioners and patients portable and stationery devices that are legendary for its effectiveness. Four old standards come to mind. These are the NLAL (or NLazer), the Contour Light, the Zerona and the Lipo Light Pro (or 16 Probe).

The name of this last machine refers to its use of sixteen fast operating probes. Clinics and spas are happy with the results of this device, enjoying the optimized treatment that the above average speed of the probes generate. The NLAL is a portable device that was originally designed and manufactured by a specializing medical practitioner. Today, it is still priced as an affordable device for most clinics. But even so, it still performs better than most other machines due to its installed advanced technologies. This machine can also be used whilst exercising.

Like the Lipo Light Pro, the Contour Light is equipped with LED lighting technology as well. It generates as much as 1,900 diodes which allow technicians to reduce the number of patient treatments normally required. Instead of using standard pads, or paddles, the Contour Light uses straps. Medical and health specialists are happy with this device also due to its ability to generate speed and optimized treatment. The Zerona is one of the oldest lipo laser machines still in existence. And it is approved for use by the US FDA.

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In spite of its age and its high price, the Zerona still has the ability to produce effective results which make handlers and their clients smile. And what are those results? Being able to clinically and safely remove excess fatty tissue non-surgically in a sterilized environment.  More than enough has been said by way of this introduction. What can also be said is that it remains ideal to stay with the tried and tested.